Industry-standard brand audits, based on customer perception insights

Brand Auditor makes customer perception-based brand audits affordable for small and medium businesses.

Our user-configurable audits with stellar information value and reliability made Brand Auditor the go-to solution for brand managers, marketers, and consultants worldwide.


#1 brand audit company —


$0.25 (or less) per valid response, and audits from $500 make Brand Auditor the most cost-effective professional brand audit solution.


Brand Auditor's data collection and processing framework filters out unqualified responses and other invalid data.

real Feedback

All reports are based on thousands of real responses, comments and score ratings from your target audience.


Get the opinion of those who matter the most: your potential customers. Brand Auditor offers all necessary targeting options.


You are in full control of cost, by defining the scope of your audit, the insights you want to get, targeting, as well as market research size. 

Friendly support

Your success is our happiness. Our colleagues are always there to support you in every stage of the auditing procedure.

Why Brand Auditor?

Real-world analytical insights, industry-standard framework

Brand Auditor works with a random device engagement system, delivering micro-surveys to target audiences using various audience networks, including the Google Audience Network, Facebook Audience Network, and SurveyMonkey’s Audience network.

The audit-specific micro-surveys are being served to target respondents until the responses quota is satisfied. The system is automatically optimizing survey delivery to get equal responses for each question.


Control your cost and scope of research

With Brand Auditor, you are in charge to configure your audits. Our system gives full control over choosing your scope of the audit, target audiences, and other aspects. Audit prices are calculated in real-time based on your configuration.

Same price for everyone, no "expert" premium

Brand Auditor pricing is calculated based on the data collection cost and other variables of your configuration. There are no "premium" markups, and we will always suggest the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers.​