Continous brand analysis

Enterprise-level brand analysis system for Small and Medium Businesses.

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Continuous Brand Analysis

How does it work?

Brand Auditor continuously collects feedback from your target customers, providing precise daily insights about your brand awareness and brand perceptions. The dashboard offers answers to brand and marketing questions, like:

  • How well-known your business is?
  • How your marketing efforts contribute to brand awareness and public perceptions?
  • What your target customers like or dislike about your company?

How much does it cost?

Pay for valid responses only. The minimum daily budget is $10 (USD) which will get 20-40 responses daily. Daily research budgets can be changed any time, customers are billed by monthly consumption at the end of each month.


Continuous Brand Analysis

Control your market research

Set daily budgets

Control your daily market research spend of each brand audit campaign by setting daily budgets. You will be billed monthly, based on the number of responses your campaign received.

Define your audiences

Target your brand research to your potential customers who matter - by selecting regions, demographics, specific areas and relevant in-market interests.

Pause anytime

You are in full control to pause and resume your brand audit campaign at any time. Once a campaign is paused, no further costs will incur until its switched back on.

Daily report updates

Your daily brand insights are displayed on a dashboard. Brand awareness and brand perception scores alongside with other insights are updating daily.