Frequently asked questions

Real-world analytical insights

Brand Auditor collects thousands of ratings, comments and feedbacks from your selected target audiences.

Connected to various market research and survey management solutions, our system enables fast, accurate and cost efficient data collection. The report we deliver will include all valid ratings and responses, organized into meaningful insights.

This is as close as you can get to measure how your potential customers feel about your brand, company, and products.

Control your cost by configuring your research

With Brand Auditor, you are in full control to configure your scope of research, including selecting target audiences, geographical locations, and the volume of targeted feedback you aim to collect. Your preferences will be the basis of your audit configuration, cost, as well as the time of the research procedure.​

Data-driven auditing framework

Our auditing framework excludes personal opinions and professional biases. With an entirely data-driven data processing and reporting framework, you can rest assured that the insights you get are reliable and reflect the opinion of your target audience.

No expert premium

Brand Auditor pricing is calculated based on the data collection cost and the number of aspects of your research. There are no "premium" markups, and we will always suggest the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers.​