Business Concept Audit → Let Your Target Customers Evaluate Your Business Model


Early-stage business success largely depends on how relevant and useful your business concept is to your target customers. The ability to audit and optimize value propositions, branding, revenue model, and other business aspects is essential for companies at any stage – but most startups and SMEs do not have the skills or budget for such analysis.

Brand Auditor makes business concept-focused market research fast and affordable. During the auditing procedure, thousands of people will visit your website or social media pages to leave score ratings and comments regarding what they like and dislike about various aspects of your business.

Leave basic guesses and assumptions behind, and upgrade your business concept management based on reliable and relevant audience perception insights.

What is included in this brand audit?

Our system lets you configure audits based on your preferences, targeting criteria, market research size and enables you to choose what aspects of your business concept to audit. Prices and auditing timeframe are calculated in real-time, based on your audit configuration.​ Each selected scope of analysis will add a separate page to your report with the following information:

  1. Score ratings of 4 micro-aspects (1 to 10) by your respondents
  2. Score ratings of similar brands benchmarked with your scores
  3. Comments and feedback received from your respondents

For more information, check out our FAQ or contact us.

Configure your business concept audit


Audit config & pricing

Audit config & pricing

Brand Auditor lets you configure an audit that fits your budget and requirements. Depending on various factors, your audit price is calculated and displayed in real-time. This brief overview will help to understand how to configure an audit, and what impact each selection has on the audit cost.


Step 1: choose your audit scope

Use the tick boxes to select one or more research areas that interest you. Each selected scope will add new questions to your market research campaign, and the results will be presented on a separate page in your audit report. As each selection requires extended market research, the number of research areas will impact the audit price significantly.


Step 2: specify your line of business

Select your line of business from the drop-down menu. If your line of business is not listed, please contact us before ordering your audit so we can confirm if auditing is possible. Defining your line of business is required to set up accurate targeting for your market research and feedback collection campaigns.

Depending on the forecasted market research cost, your line of business has a slight impact on the audit price.


Step 3: share your website URL

Your respondents need something to look at before sharing their feedback and score ratings. Your website link, or social media in some cases, will be shared on the market research survey.

In case you do not have a website or social media page, we advise creating a one-pager website that accurately describes your business, product, or service so respondents can share a valid opinion.

Your website or social media link has no impact on the audit cost.


Step 4: describe your target audience specs

This free-form text input field enables you to specify the characteristics and attributes of your audience. The information you share here will be processed manually by our team. We will contact you in case your targeting request is not doable, or the research would return an insufficient number of responses. If you operate in a niche market, we recommend getting in touch before placing your order to confirm eligibility.

The information you share here has no impact on the audit price.


Step 5: specify your market research size

Use the slide bar to define the target number of respondents for your audit. The target number of respondents has a direct influence on the market research cost. Your selection will impact your audit price significantly.

  • The minimum market research size is 2,000 respondents
  • The maximum market research size for most audits is 150,000 respondents


Step 6: specify your market research region

We can manage market research campaigns in most regions globally. Use the drop-down selector to choose the target region for your audit. By default, you will find broader geographic areas. Should you wish to do an audit in one specific country or city, please contact us to check the eligibility before placing your order.

Your selected region has a minor impact on the audit price.

Payments & refund policy

Payments & refund policy

Payment methods

Our website offers secure payments through Stripe, enabling instant credit and debit card payments from most financial institutions. Prices include tax. Instant online payments are possible with: 

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

Bank transfer payments are also possible. Contact us if that is required. Bank charges and any additional fees are paid by the client. 


Pricing & payments

Audit prices are determined by your audit configuration and are non-negotiable. In case you need a discount, please contact us to see if there are any ongoing offers or promotions that you can benefit from.

  • For audits below $3,000 (USD), full payment is required at the time of ordering an audit.
  • In case of orders exceeding $3,000 (USD), either full payment or a 50% deposit is required when placing an order.

We do not offer options to pay after audit delivery. To protect your customer rights and interests, we offer the following cancellation and refund options.



Should you wish to cancel your audit within the delivery timeframe, you will be eligible for a 50% refund. Cancellation is only possible if you have already paid for an audit but have not yet received it. Cancellation after report delivery is not possible.

Cancellation requests are accepted in writing only. Kindly contact your customer service contact to initiate a cancellation. Your cancellation will be approved automatically at the time when your email reaches our inbox.

Cancellation refunds are processed in 5 business days.



You are eligible to request a full refund if we failed to deliver your report within the specified timeframe. In that case, you will be eligible to request a 100% refund. Refunds are processed in 5 business days.


You are not eligible for a refund:

  • during the report delivery timeframe – in that case, you can cancel
  • after the report was delivered to your specified email address
  • in case you are not satisfied with the audit results
  • in case the audit cannot be delivered to the specified email

Please rest assured that our customer service team will do their best to make your auditing procedure smooth and effortless.​

White-label & referral options

White-label & referral options

Are you looking for a brand audit for your client? You can deliver any of our reports with your branding, making use of our white-label partnership option. Contact us to discuss your requirements before placing your order.

More information about referral and white-label options.