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Continous, Day-to-Day Brand Perceptions Monitoring Is Coming in September 2021

We have exciting news for our current and future clients. In late September 2021, we are going to release a new feature that enables continuous brand auditing. Why is it useful and why is it a milestone for Brand Auditor?

Before Brand Auditor, traditional brand audits were nothing more than opinionated essays with minimal research. These documents were practically nothing more than the elaborated opinions of a brand-marketing professional.

In 2020, we revolutionized brand auditing

In December 2020, Brand Auditor introduced a whole new way of evaluating brand effectiveness, based on the opinion of target customers. The market-research-based system enabled to visualize crowdsourced feedback and opinion, turning consumer insights into beautiful reports. 

Our next-generation brand audit solution eliminated subjective opinions and guesswork from the process. This enabled startups, SMEs, and SMBs to optimize their brand positioning and marketing communications efficiently.

Once we started to get clients, it soon became apparent that there is a need for a continuous brand auditing solution. Occasional brand audits can only give a snapshot. Our current system is unable to visualize changing trends caused by the evolution of consumer expectation, competitor behavior, and other dynamic factors.

During our first year of operation, we kept receiving requests for a continuous brand auditing solution, so we started to work on it. The good news is that the prototype is already functional, and it is amazing.

Continous, Day-to-Day Brand Perceptions Monitoring Is Coming in September 2021

What is continuous brand perception monitoring?

Rolling brand monitoring enables anyone to measure how various segments of target customers and audiences perceive various aspects of a brand.

Our new, continuous brand monitoring system can be used to:

  • Measure how people feel about your company
  • Notice if your brand starts to become unpopular
  • Measure brand awareness in various regions
  • Measure brand awareness among different segments of customers
  • Evaluate if changes in marketing communication had any effect
  • Evaluate if your brand building campaigns contribute to the growth of brand awareness

How much will continuous brand monitoring cost?

Dynamic cost per response

Customers pay per response. The cost of responses varies between $0.1 and $0.3, depending on the user-selectable targeting options, such as region, industry, or age group. The system is somewhat similar to the dynamic bidding system of Google Analytics, where the cost per click (CPC) depends on the interaction rate, bids of other advertisers, and other factors. 

In the case of Brand Auditor, the cost per response (CPR) is also dynamic, depending on the actual cost of acquiring responses.

Daily market research spend 

Brand Auditor customers can limit their daily market research spend. This means predictable monthly costs. Daily budget limits can be applied to each campaign individually and can be updated on request.

The minimum daily spend for each campaign is 10 euros, which equals $12 (USD). For this daily budget, the campaign can collect somewhere between 30 to 60 responses in a day. The Brand Auditor system will always optimize itself to collect good quality responses at the lowest possible cost.

Daily cost calculation, monthly billing

Daily costs, responses count, and average CPR (cost per response) are displayed on each dashboard. Customers receive an invoice in the first days of every new month for their accumulated market research costs of the past month.

Sign up for free testing

The system is still under development, but for testing purposes, we welcome companies who would like to try this system. The expected commercial launch will happen in late September 2021 or October 2021, so anyone can apply to test the system meanwhile.

Testing is entirely free of charge and does not require any account access or to exchange sensitive information.

Contact us to sign up.

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